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Can "Himalayan Salt Lamps" help to relieve symptoms of asthma, allergies, depression, ADHD, and other health problems?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are natural air purifiers used for air purification.

Have you ever heard of a salt lamp before? I had never heard of a salt lamp before until I had learned about them while I was searching online trying to find a link as to how ocean air can help to relieve asthma symptoms. What happened is this. You see, I have been battling asthma for a few years now and when I went to VA Beach back in August of 2010, I noticed that I did not have any asthma problems at all! I knew right away that there had to be a connection to the air quality at the beach that was helping me to not have any asthma attacks and I was determined to find out!

As I was searching online, I came across this very interesting website called,
I watched their very informative videos on YouTube and I knew right away that I needed a salt lamp more than anything in order to reproduce the negative ion effect naturally in my home which was the same negative ion effect that is created naturally with the ocean.

What are negative ions you may be thinking?
Negative ions are small particles that are too small for us to see with the naked eye. Based on my online research, I learned that negative ions are produced in the environment naturally from mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and the ocean. The health benefits from negative ions occur when these ions attach themselves to the bad stuff in the air which are called positive ions and turn the unhealthy air into healthy air to breathe.

It is believed that negative ions help to clean the air of pollutants found in the home such as the following:
•Dust mites
•Mold spores
•Odor reduction
•Animal dander
•Smoke elimination
•Pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen)

It is also believed that negative ions help to relieve symptoms of many health problems such as the following:
•Hay fever
•Chronic fatigue
•Seasonal affective disorder
•and other illnesses by cleansing the air naturally

Please watch this short and very informative video about the health benefits that come from salt lamps and you will see exactly what I mean!

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Fox News in New York did a short video about the Himalayan Salt Shop that you can watch below:

I have been using salt lamps from the Himalayan Salt Shop since September 2, 2010. The salt lamps are so easy to install. All I had to do was install a small 15 watt bulb into the lamp which was included along with the cord. I really like the on and off switch that comes on the cord that way I can easily switch it on and off without having to unplug the cord from the outlet. The 15 watt bulb also uses less electricity which is a big plus for me.

Right before I plugged in the salt lamps, I was having some severe coughing with my asthma symptoms and a stuffy nose. After I plugged in the salt lamps, I noticed that within a few minutes that my coughing went totally away! My stuffy nose has also been helped tremendously by using the salt lamp. I have the largest salt lamp right next to my computer desk because I work at home full-time and my home office is the room that I am in the most during the day.

I also have 3 other smaller salt lamps for each of my bedrooms and dining room. I keep my salt lamps on all day long and sometimes through the night as well. I love the reddish orange glow that the salt lamps give. The salt lamps not only help me to relieve alot of my asthma symptoms, but they also add so much beauty to my home! The salt lamps are also so easy to take care of by dusting them every now and then.

I still have some asthma symptoms from time to time, but not nearly as much as I did before installing the salt lamps. I did notice that one day, I forgot to turn on my salt lamp that I have next to my computer and I got a severe asthma attack with shortness of breath. I immediately took my rescue inhaler like I always do and I also turned on my salt lamp. My severe asthma symptoms went away again and have not returned at that severe level. I am so thankful to have my salt lamp and I can not see myself ever living without them. No matter where I live, my salt lamps will always be with me.

Salt Lamps from can benefit people in many healthy ways. Below are some more very interesting facts that I learned about salt lamps from checking out

Salt lamps are made of natural crystal salt that is mined from
underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains

• The orange-reddish Himalayan crystal salt lamp is mounted on a wooden base

• This crystal salt is millions of years old and because of this--the natural salt lamps have very high mineral content.

• The negative ions are released into the air by the heating action of the light bulb that is placed inside of the salt lamps. You can even buy salt lamps that use candles instead of light bulbs if you prefer.

• The negative ions that are emitted into the air attach themselves to pollutants in the air that are called positive ions. Once the negative ion bonds with the positive ion--the air pollutants are neutralized, thus creating healthier air to breathe. The neutralized ions immediately fall to the ground removing them from the air.

• Negative ions also help to fight electro-smog that is created by the use of electronic devices at home.

I want to thank Himalayan Salt Shop for sending me some salt lamps to sample. I really love my salt lamps. They are even more beautiful in real life! Words can not describe their beauty! I love the reddish orange glow that the salt lamps give and I highly recommend salt lamps to all of my friends, family, and blog readers. Thank you again Himalayan Salt Shop. I can not thank you enough.

***GET 10% OFF at the Himalayan Salt Shop***
Just type in the discount code word "Tonya" at checkout.This offer is good through November 31, 2010.

As required by the FTC:
I received product samples in order to write my product review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed on this product review are mine and mine alone.

I am not a health care physician. I am expressing my own opinion and only speaking about how salt lamps have helped to relieve my symptoms from severe asthma and a stuffy nose. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider before trying any alternative holistic health treatments and never stop taking your prescription medication without the approval from your doctor.

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