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Please click on the links below to learn about each type of advertising offered.

The Business Directory Page is a human edited business directory to help you to get more traffic to your site for FREE!

If you would like to have 1 business link added to this Business Directory for FREE, then please contact me TODAY with your link and please tell me at least 3 to 4 things that you specialize in selling online. I can add your link to up to  a maximum of 3 categories if your business fits the categories as shown below.

In order to qualify to have your business listed here, you will need to place the following 3 text links onto your website and once the links have been confirmed by me, I will be very happy to add your text link in this Business Directory for FREE!

The 3 text links to add to your site first are as follows:



LINK # 3

*A sponsored post of a minimum of 250 words including links is only $10
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*A sponsored post of a minimum of 350 words including links is $15
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*A sponsored post of a minimum of 450 words including links is $20
Buy Now

*A sponsored post of a minimum of 550 words including links is $25
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*A sponsored post of a minimum of 650 words including links is $30
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*I will also consider a barter agreement with you for either the
$10, $15, $20, $25, or $30 with product(s) from your site.
(exlcudes the cost of shipping which is the responsibility of the seller)

(Monthly Ads)  150x150 Banner Ad Spots are $5.00 per month per site
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(Yearly Ads)  150x150 Banner Ad Spots are $50.00 per year per site
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Your banner ad will appear on your choice of the left hand side or the right hand side of every page!
Be seen by more people and get more direct traffic to your site!


You must provide me with a banner that is exactly 150 pixels in the width and height. (150x150)

If you do not have a banner that is exactly 150 pixels--keep reading below to learn how you can either buy a banner from me or get a FREE banner by promoting this site! =)

I have been a website designer since 2006. If you do not have a banner that is exactly 150 pixels in the width, I can custom design a banner for your site to place on my blog for the following prices:

1 banner design with text and color only for $10
1 banner design with anr image, color, and text for $20

(You will need to provide me with an image to place on your banner if you want an image on it such as a picture of yourself, your product, your pet, your child, or even a cool looking XSMALL Size Stock Photo.)

(An image can be added to your FREE Banner Design for only $10.) It is so easy to get a FREE custom banner ad design by me. To qualify, simply do the following 4 steps:

1. Tweet about this blog on your Twitter account 3 times by saying the following 3 Tweets:

Tweet Post #1 to send out:
RT Get FREE Product Reviews, Book Reviews, Service Reviews, Coupons, and more at ... #reviews #coupons

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RT Get FREE Promotion for your Products, Services, DVDs, and Books at ... #bookreviews #reviews #freereviews

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2. Tell all of your friends about this blog on your Facebook Page 3 times by posting the following:

Facebook Post#1 to send out:
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Facebook Post#3 to send out:
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     *Subscribe to this blog on the LEFT HAND SIDE
*Follow this blog on the RIGHT HAND SIDE
     *Follow me on Twitter at:
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     *Follow me on MySpace at:

4. Lastly, contact me with a link to your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts--so I can confirm that the posts have been made and that you are following me. Once everything has been confirmed--I will begin designing your "text only banner ad" for FREE! It just can't get any better than that! =)

All custom banner ad designs are completed within 2-5 days or less after you have told me what text to put onto your banner and what your website link is.

If you would like an image placed onto your FREE banner ad design, the cost is an additional $10 and you will need to provide me with either an image of yourself, your pet, your child, your product, etc--or even a stock photo will look really nice too on your banner ad design!

All banners that I custom design do require my credit link to be placed on the buyer's site. The credit link will open in a new window and be in small type, so you will not lose any visitors to your blog or site. Simply, contact me and let me know if you want to do a monthly or yearly banner ad and we will get started! It is that easy!

*If you are interested in any other type of advertising that is not mentioned above--please contact me and I will be very happy to help you.

Sincerely yours,
Tonya Becker-Haddadeen

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[Advertising Rates are in effect and valid as of August 29, 2010.]
[Advertising Rates are subject to change. It is best to order NOW to lock in these LOW PRICES!]